Three Critical Tips for Buying or Selling Your St. Louis Home

Tried and True Tips to Buying and Selling Your Home

Three Home Buying Tips

Each month we will give you a few tried and true real estate tips to help in your home buying or selling. This month a couple of tips for the buyers.

You Are Not the Boy Scouts, But be Prepared

If you are even thinking about buying a house make a trip to the bank, or make a call to the mortgage broker so you can get preapproved. Remember having a preapproval letter is much better than just being prequalified. If there are two offers on a house and they are close, preapproval carries more weight. Also, go ahead and do your loan shopping beforehand so you can move quickly when the right house comes along!

Beware of the Hidden Costs

As Steve McLinden asks on “When is a $250,000 house not a $250,000 house. The answer is ALWAYS!

  1. Loan origination fee, which for this hypothetical house would be approximately $1800.
  2. Survey costs
  3. Home insurance costs
  4. Title insurance costs
  5. Home inspection costs
  6. Appraisal fees
  7. Property taxes

The total upfront costs for a $250,000 house will be around $5000. Yeah, and you thought you could use that money to redo the master bath!

Drive by the home you’re considering buying

Okay, we all know you are going to start your home search on the internet, and that is great.

You can get an idea for what is out there, prices in various areas, and get your excitement bubbling.

But, then go for doing it the old fashioned way.

Hit the Open Houses!

Those internet pictures don’t tell the whole story and a good photographer can make almost any house for sale look great. Plus, in St. Louis right now property is moving quickly so you need to be actively looking and ready to make a decision once you enter the market.

Oh, and besides getting in those houses and seeing how everyone decorates is always fun!

October Cocktail Tips

Now for the fun part, each month we will share one of our favorite libation recipes.

I mean why not?

This month we thought we should keep with the Halloween theme so we must confess we have not tried this one. That said, it definitely is going to be consumed in the Blankenship household sometime VERY soon. We got this one from the Cooking and Beer website.

Blankenship Cocktail of the Month:  Pumpkin Beer Punch

Step 1: Mix the Goods!

  • 8 ounces of good bourbon—your choice
  • 9 ounces of apple cider
  • 2 1/2 ounces of lemon juice
  • Ice

Step 2: Get four glasses with ice.

Step 3:  Select your favorite pumpkin beer and evenly pour into your four glasses and top with cocktail mix from shaker.

Step 4: If you are feeling fancy garnish with cinnamon sticks and cranberries.

Or, if you are going to drink it right away, just mix it all in a pitcher and pour.

I mean make it easy?!!

Thanks for reading and give the beer punch a chance!! We will!

What’s your favorite fall cocktail?

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